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We are available as a space for BEAUtiful Farm educational birthday parties of all ages, including adult farm programs!, Adult Riding Lessons, Kid Horse Programs & Riding Lessons, BYOB Equine Education and Farm Fun, Girl Scouts, 4-H & Photography
Honey Bee Education & Husbandry, Equine & Farm Related Mediation

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Sunday Farm Fun!

Sundays from 4-6 PM with Ms. Shannon!

The kids learn to groom the horses, they take horses for a walk around the farm and learn how to properly walk, stop, trot, turn in each direction safely while picking up cues on body language and energy of the horses. They learn about handling chickens and other animals we find in nature such as frogs, salamanders, newts, crayfish, etc! The kids are really immersed in farm life and nature!

Some days we get to ride the horses! But it is not specifically a riding camp.

Mommy & Me

This is a 1.5 hour farm experience where young kids under the age of 6 and their parent or guardian can enjoy their farm time! We groom the horses, tack them up, get them super fancy and ride!

We have some lovely chickens too where the kids can learn how to hold them and play with them, as well as Hamlet the pig!


This is a club where ANYONE from ages 5 and up can join. Adults too!!

We meet every Sunday for 2 hours from 1-3 pm to discuss horse care and learn all about our horses! We learn parts of the horses, nutrition, parts of the saddle and equipment, farrier care, dentistry, anatomy, etc! This is a great opportunity to learn (not just riding but) horsemanship.

This starts September 11!


This will set your child apart from other horse crazy kids!

Children & Adult Riding Lessons 

Not just for the kids! We have the best time, it's a 1 hour lesson where we groom at our own pace, tack up and ride! Beginner to advanced riders are welcome!

Kids are welcome from the age of 4+!



Our birthday parties are incredible!

We offer a 2 hour event where everyone can interact with our BEAUtiful Animals and learn about them and care for their needs! We have horses, chickens, Hamlet the pig, our adorable pups and more! The children will interact with everyone, groom the horses, cuddle and feed our chickens and ride our Unicorn!


There may or may not be a fairy walk involved!


The hosts are responsible for food, cake, decor, etc. We provide the space and the fun!

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